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no but really what does america have against the letter ‘u’

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No, of course we don’t have all these mp3s playlisted on our iTunes. That would just be weird…

can’t wait to get home and listen to these! very neat. 

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True Story

British pants and suspenders > American pants and suspenders.

I have this problem alllll the time. People keep saying ‘pants’ or ‘he had no pants on’ and I’m like ‘wut?’

read and learn, anglophiles! i have to remind myself of this often when watching/reading british media.

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Tom Hiddleston on Pudding

silly americans, thinking this is pudding:  :)

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My sister showed me this neat page about different accents/dialects from around the UK.

Click on the cute little people icons on the map to hear examples of different accents.

Now if someone comes up to you and says ‘I love the British accent!’ you can smile sagely and point them to this page. XD

Though I’m pretty sure to people from other countries they still might all sound the same, when heard next to each other there’s a marked difference. I think that they’re archiving examples of regional accents and dialects as they are being lost over time (though I guess it’s only natural with exposure to so many different accents through television and so on)

As for me they don’t have an example of a West London accent, which I got from my family, I guess mine is closest to Woolwich? The family on my mum’s side talk just like that haha 6_9 If you’re British, what’s your accent like? :)

And if you’re not, is your accent or dialect unique to where you’re from? :o

Haha sorry this stuff just really interests me sob u-u

I need this on my blog!

I’m an American with that bland standard “no-accent” accent but my boyfriend is British. The example they give for his hometown doesn’t really sound like him, though, since his parents don’t have local accents, either. We’re looking at the ‘bath map’ right? He says that his accent lies “somewhere between pink and green”.

what a nifty little thing

Well this only has all the ‘country’ dialects. I suppose you could relate them to you guys’ southern. 

Point is, this is ridiculous. Just as a point of reference, we don’t all speak that. I clicked on all, like, five in the area my home town and my current town would be and none of them sound anything like what the people I know sound like.

even though it isn’t representative of all dialects (i don’t think it’s intended to be), this is still such an interesting site! the page that’s linked is about various regional vocabulary, and if you click on the second row of links you can hear samples featuring variations in pronunciation and grammar. i especially like that everything is arranged on a map; as a visual learner, i find that very useful! 

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Anglophile Problem 40:


Anglophile Problem 40:


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Beware, dogs by jglsongs on Flickr.

leave it to the british to say “please clean up after your pets” in the longest, funniest way possible. 


Beware, dogs by jglsongs on Flickr.

leave it to the british to say “please clean up after your pets” in the longest, funniest way possible. 

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Carte des Isles Britaniques, c. 1760.  Click for Source.


Carte des Isles Britaniques, c. 1760.  Click for Source.

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I love it when people go on and on about “I wish I had a British accent” and “I wish every guy had a British accent”, etc etc etc.

I’ve got to wonder though.

Which accent do you mean?

Because within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland…. there a four countries.

Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And in each of those are several hundred counties and areas.

And each county has its own accent.

and each area within the counties has their own accent.

So when you talk about the “British Accent”, do you just mean the stereotypical posh accent associated with the Queen, or the dying out Cockney accent? Or have you actually heard the everyday accents? 

It’s like when people say the ‘American Accent’… most commonly associated with California, Texas and New York. There’s a lot of states, with a lot of accents. Be a bit more specific. 

i can’t speak for everyone who makes/has made such statements, but speaking for myself, i generally find all british accents attractive/interesting - and am very aware that there are quite a few of them. many people are ignorant of this, though, and it is annoying when some teenybopper is all like “british accents are so hawt lol” when she has no idea what she really means by saying so. 

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i have no idea what ALT means, but this is pretty cute. 

i have no idea what ALT means, but this is pretty cute. 

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